Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Goals's officially birth month (hopefully- if this baby is still inside of me come September, you Ryan are going to be dealing with a VERY unhappy Mama-to-be.) In just a few minutes, Ryan and I will be heading to the hospital for our labor/delivery class and tour! Before we take off, I wanted to share my August goals to kick off a new month! 

But first... 

July Goals Update 

1. Settle on a moving date and officially move into the new house. 
Done! We finally settled on a date and moved a few Saturday's ago into the greatest rental home! Since moving, my days have been spent unpacking, decorating, crafting, and preparing for itty bitty Smitty! I guess you could say nesting has officially begun? Better late than never, right?! 

2. Find a new church to attend. 
Now that we're in a house and getting to know a new area to us, we have done some research on nearby churches. Unfortunately, we haven't had a free Sunday to attend any of these churches, but I have a list of places we would like to check out...which is exactly how we found Life church in Quincy. While I don't think any experience can be as amazing as our time in Boston, I've been praying we find a similar type of community to get involved with in Georgia. 

3. Complete a Nursery DIY. 
Check! The nursery is pretty much complete, except for a few odds and ends and some pictures that need to be hung! This month, I created a fabric strip banner  to hang above the crib! 

4. Hire a newborn photographer. 
Done! The deposit has been sent to our newborn photographer and I can't wait to work with her after the baby comes! 

5. Read a new book. 
While I didn't read a new book this month, I did FINALLY finish the Emily Giffin book I started in June. SO...half check?! 

August Goals 

1. Go for three walks a week. 
Our neighborhood is awesome. I literally could not walk the entire neighborhood if I tried. So to say the least, there is a lot to explore. Also, the whole neighborhood has sidewalks making it super walk-friendly. I would like to get out three evenings a week for little walks to get some exercise and maybe meet some neighbors?!

2. Finally get the jeep registered and get Georgia licenses. 
This has been on our list for oh, I don't know... two months now. Nobody wants to go to the DMV, but I think we've waiting long enough. The registration on my Jeep expires September 1st, and I don't really want to have expired out of state tags and a newborn to worry about at the same time.

3. Get the car seat bases installed in both cars. 
This needs to be done two weeks ago. I've heard the hospital won't let you go home until your car seat is ready to go and you have to go to a special place to get them installed so I guess I need to get my butt in gear and make an appointment. Definitely on the goals list this month.

4. Have a baby. 
I mean... obviously. This is a goal of mine for the month, but really... I want this baby to come out when she is good and ready, even if that does mean sometime in early September. (Please don't make me regret typing that itty bitty!)

Alright... off to our labor class! Happy weekend! 

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