Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Headband/Hair Bow Wall Display

Ya'll...my due date is FIVE days away. 5. The hospital bags pretty much comes with us anywhere we go and I've been bouncing away on my physio ball but I'm still not experiencing many concerning, painful contractions. The days are going by fast....but slowly at the same time as I'm waiting around if that makes sense. To fill the time, I thought I'd finally bust out the old macbook and post the tutorial on the hair accessory wall display I created a couple weeks ago! 

Everything I needed for this little craft I picked up at Michaels. I needed: 
  • a large frame 
  • two different sized ribbons 
  • mini screw-in hooks 
  • flower accents 
I also needed a hot glue gun, which I borrowed from my mother-in-law because ours is still packed up somewhere. 

This craft came together in seriously no time...like a matter of minutes. I removed the glass and backing to the frame. Then I turned the frame over, cut strips of ribbon to fit from the top of the frame to the bottom, spaced them out, and hot glued each ribbon to the back of the frame. Once the ribbon had been secured, I, with the help of Ryan, screwed in the mini hooks to the bottom of the frame. To finish the craft, I threw some fabric flowers up at the top for decoration.

In order to hang the display, we added a metal bracket to the back of the frame. Et Voila!

The best part of this craft was going through all of the bows and headbands I've collected over the past few months and putting them on display. I can't wait to actually use them any day now.

Alright, Itty Bitty.... Get your hiney out now, would yah?! We're more than ready for you!