Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Christmas Craft

The Christmas season is in full swing up here at the Smith home! Over the next few days, I'll be posting on a variety of Christmas topics, but today I wanted to share with you my holiday "wreath" this season. Wreath is in quotation marks because we live in an apartment complex with strict rules on having anything outside the apartment (wreaths, doormats, etc...) so to hang our special homemade wreath, I had to improvise. I gathered some object we had from Christmases past and set to work to create a fun, festive centerpiece for our entry table! 

All of this stuff I already had laying around the house, but I used a twig wreath, garland, a big red bow (All from the dollar store), twine, and a whitewashed frame with the glass removed. I thought I would use the "S" as well, but when the project was finished, it just didn't seem to fit. 

First, I wrapped the garland around the wreath. I left some room at the top because I wanted the rest of it to be as full as possible and I knew the bow was going to cover that part of the wreath anyways! 

Next, I tied the bow around the wreath and tied the wreath to the white frame with twine. Et Voila... Seriously, it was that easy. 5 minutes from start to finish and now we have a cute and festive wreath bringing Christmas cheer to our apartment! Hey, maybe it's a good thing we couldn't hang it outside- now I get to enjoy it from our living room!

Side note: Do you see that ADORABLE Santa sitting on our table? The Grant's generously gifted us that Santa not even knowing how hard I have been looking for one! I am in love with it and look forward to pulling it out every season and thinking about our great "Northern Family"! 

Happy Holiday's, Ya'll!! 

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