Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Crafts: Part 2

At my bridal shower last year, my parents gifted Ryan and I with some awesome Christmas décor staples: monogrammed stockings, a monogrammed tree skirt, and a beautiful light-up star for the Christmas tree. Fast forward a year, to when Ryan and I unpack our Christmas boxes, come across our stockings, and immediately realize we have NO way of hanging them up. Disaster! We immediately bought a couple of stocking hangers but just couldn't find a good place to display them. So of course, I took to pinterest, which brought me to Etsy, where I found some awesome stocking hanger creations, which would only cost us $45-50! No thank you. $50 for a piece of wood, some paint, and a couple hooks- Ryan and I could do that ourselves for $40 cheaper. And.... we did! Now we have a cute to DIY stocking holder to tie us over until we FINALLY have a mantle!

Here's what you need:
- 1 15 inch wood plank (we got ours from Lowe's where they cut it to size for us and then charged us .05 cents because they felt bad charging us full price for a little piece of wood!)
- 1 small bottle of whatever color paint you want
- 2 white decorative hooks (also bought at Lowe's)
-Any other accessories you may want to spruce up your piece!
It was seriously so easy. (I say that, but all I did was paint the board. Ryan did the rest.. love that handy husband of mine!)
First, we painted the board a bright red and let it dry. While the board was drying, we also painted the little wooden snowflake we picked up at Michael's white. Once those were both dry, we attached the snowflake to the board with glue.

Next, we (Ryan) attached the hooks to the front of board. It looks like I lied though. Apparently, we didn't attach the snowflake until after we put the hooks in.... I don't think the order of those two events matters though, so no harm done! 

Finally, we (Ryan) attached the bracket to the back so we could hang the piece on the wall. Once we finished, we decided to use a bit of our left over garland to drape over the top, which we (Ryan- sensing a theme yet?) stapled to the top and sides of the board! Et Voila!

Now our stockings can hang in as much style as possible without a pretty mantle to drape from. We get 9 more days to admire this beauty before we pack up and head down to GEORGIA for Christmas!! Let the countdown begin!

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog & I love your tree topper! So cute!