Thursday, December 5, 2013

These are a Few of my Favorite Things: Ornament Edition

I've been admiring our first Christmas tree together for about two weeks now (if you're doing the math and realizing that we put our tree up before Thanksgiving- don't judge us. We received a good deal of Christmas-related wedding gifts last December that were opened and admired for a very SHORT amount of time before being tucked away in a box for a year. My anxiousness to pull all this stuff out got the better of me and we just couldn't wait until November 30...Not that I should have to explain myself anyways!!)
Growing up, one of my favorite holiday memories was decorating the Christmas tree and reminiscing over the ornaments we've collected over the years. I'm happy to report that this tradition has and will continue through my marriage and Ryan and I really enjoyed putting our growing collection of ornaments onto our tree and looking back on the amazing experiences we've been lucky enough to gain over the past year. I though it would be fun to share with ya'll just a couple of my favs adorning our tree.
So, this first favorite started as part of a gift tag I believe, but it's "specialness" comes from the note my mom put with it. It didn't seem like much at the time, but pulling this combo out of the box this season made me so happy and reminded me of the reason for this particular tradition. Thanks Mom and Dad, I will definitely think of you every time we put this key on our tree!

This next ornament is another one gifted from my parents. It's a silly little ornament, but anything that reminds me of our weenie dog in Georgia is a favorite in my book! See you soon, Oscar!!

This swan ornament is super special to me because it was added to the collection on the day before our wedding, almost a year ago today! Stephanie's mom threw us a bridesmaids luncheon (which can be read about here) at the Swan Coach house in Atlanta. It was a beautiful, relaxing lunch with a few of my favorite people, so it's no wonder this ornament is a favorite of mine. So many good memories!

The Christmas parrot was picked up on our AWESOME Smith family vacation this year to St. Kitts! (Read about that here) We did so many fun things that trip and it's so fun to see that memory hanging on our tree.

Surprising, we've lived in Boston for almost a year and still don't have any Boston-related ornaments. We really need to get on that. However, we did pick up an adorable Cape Cod ornament on our Whale Watching adventure with Kristen and Stephen!

I don't really remember how this ornament came to my possession, but it's one I'll cherish because my Uncle Don sketched it out and turned it into an ornament. It's a drawing of City Hall in Hendersonville, NC, which is where they live and one of my favorite places to visit with family!

We've all seen these ornaments before and they don't really need any explanation as to why they're one of my favorites. I mean... it's literally a piece of our wedding day we can hang on the tree for years to come!

As you may know, Ryan and I vacationed in Jamaica for our honeymoon. While we were there, we searched all week for the perfect ornament to bring home. Ryan found this beauty and it always makes us smile when we see it. I mean, does that not SCREAM Jamaica to you?! I mean, his present is even the colors of the Jamaican flag!

These are truly just a few of my favorite ornaments. I love them all and they really do each have their own story behind them that we're reminded of every time we see them.'

Here's to adding more memories and ornaments to the tree in the years to come!