Saturday, December 14, 2013

Another Couple of Firsts...

There are SO many fun things happening this time of the year for the Smith's! Before I get to some good stuff from this weekend, I have to backtrack and finally blog about our awesome times LAST weekend... man, am I behind!

This year will be our first full winter in New England. Since we're driving back to Georgia (road trip!) in a week for Christmas, we want to really soak up as much "Boston December" as possible. We really started this off this past weekend with a few fun activities!

 Last Friday, after work, Ryan and I headed for Brighton to begin a very fun evening. Earlier in the week, Ryan was FINALLY able to get a set of his company's season tickets to the Celtics game, in perfect timing to take a couple of our best friends from college, Eliot and Lauren, who just moved to the area. We picked them up from their place and headed straight to the Garden!

On the way to our seats, we passed a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, and being the seasonal freak that I am, I made everyone stop for a picture! 

The game was fun, but I'm not really a Celtics fan so my enjoyment came more from the experience at the Garden and the company of course! We stayed for the majority of the game, before heading back to Eliot and Lauren's place for the remainder of the night! 

We spent the rest of the night pigging out on Chinese food and watching How I Met Your Mother before we all passed out on the couch. It's hard to rally on Friday's!

A couple day's later, I went on another "first" with a friend from work, Jill, her mom, and her mom's friend in South Boston! Jill insisted I go because she thought it would be something I'd love and she was definitely right! We toured a couple of beautifully decorated "mansions" in the area and left feeling even MORE in the holiday spirit (if that's possible!). Although I feel very grateful for what Ryan and I have right now, I definitely wouldn't mind one of these beautiful homes in the future! Now, just in case some of ya'll aren't feeling Christmassy yet... here's a couple pics to help get you in the mood!

Phew! Now that I've officially told ya'll about last weekend, I can finally start writing about our AMAZING one year anniversary weekend we're in right now! We have some fun things planned for tomorrow!! Happy Anniversary, honey!

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