Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Spring Trip To Greenville, Maine

 Hey Ya'll! Happy Tuesday! 

Last weekend, Ryan and I drove up to Moosehead Lake in Greenville, Maine to visit with the Potvins! It's always an adventure when we head up to Maine! Our weekend was full of hikes, boat rides, great food, and some moose hunting (not actually hunting, just trying to spot them!!) 


After work Friday, Ryan and I headed out on our supposed 5 hour drive, though driving through Boston during rush hour on a Friday added at least an hour to our overall drive. Womp Womp.

We tried not to make too many stops, but couldn't help ourselves to a few stops along the way. When we began seeing signs for a discount liquor store right off the highway, we just HAD to stop!

We got up to Greenville pretty late in the evening. We stayed up and chatted with Paul for a bit, but headed to bed fairly quickly, knowing we had a full Saturday ahead of us!


Saturday was our only full day in Maine, so we planned to make the most of it! Breakfast was a team effort and I learned how to make ployes!!! Ployes are a mixture of Buckwheat flour, Whole Wheat flour, Baking Soda, and Salt and bake similar to pancakes! Along with the ployes, we had eggs, grapefruit,and sliced oranges.

After breakfast, we loaded up the car (dogs included) and headed to Big Moose Mountain for a 6-mile hike.

At the very beginning of our hike!! 
 The hike was pretty intense and, at times, extremely steep! Once we reached the top of the mountain, we realized the view made the hike and 2000 foot elevation gain TOTALLY worth it!!

Moosehead Lake off in the distance! 

We rested up at the top before hiking back down! Once we got to the bottom, we took a quick detour before heading out in hopes of spotting a moose! Although we didn't spot one at this time, we did see Moose tracks (no, not the ice cream!)

Ground view of the mountain we just hiked up and down! 
 All weekend, Greenville was hosting a Moose Hunting Lottery, where they were raffling off 4,000 moose hunting licenses. To accommodate the mass amounts of people coming to Greenville, there were a lot of activities and festivals being held downtown. While Connie and I walked around some of the booths and shops opened up downtown, Ryan and Paul decided to play a little tennis! It was so fun watching Ryan play again! He's still got it!

 We love to collect ornaments from every place we visit, so I picked up with awesome ornament to put on our christmas tree this year!

Saturday night, after dinner, we headed out to look for moose! While we were successful in seeing about 7 or 8 moose on the side of the road, they were much too quick for me and I was unable to get a picture! Next time!!

Around 9, we headed to the StressFree Moose to watch the Bruins play in the Stanley Cup Finals!

They ended up winning in OT!! By the time the game was over, we were all exhausted so we headed home and went to bed shortly after! 


Before we left on Sunday, we ventured out on the Potvin's boat and explore Moosehead Lake! 

SeaPlanes are AWESOME! 

We ended up going on another moose-spotting adventure which brought us to a cove just past the bridge in the above picture! Yes, we had to all duck to get under the bridge! Unfortunately, we didn't have any luck on this outing spotting moose!

On Moosehead Lake looking at Big Moose Mountain. Greenville is as obsessed with Moose as I am!! 
 We fished for a very short amount of time with no luck, but as we were reeling in the lines, Paul caught a small lake trout, which we took a picture of before throwing it back into the water!

Overall, we had an amazing time! Every time I visit Maine, I fall in love with it a little bit more! Thank you to the Potvin's for hosting us AGAIN! 

Friday, I will write up a post about our last visit to Maine, which was totally different than this one! Maine is DEFINITELY a state with all four seasons!! 

Hope everyone has a great night!! 


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  1. Loved looking at your Maine visit! So great to be young and have the opportunity to do these kinds of things. Enjoy...