Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Portraits

Happy Wedding Wednesday!! 

So, last week I wrote about our Ceremony. This week, there isn't going to be too much writing since Wedding Wednesday is all about our wedding portraits! 

Shortly after we chose our winter wedding date, we realized that taking daylight pictures after the ceremony might be an issue. In December, in Georgia, the sun sets around 5:45 and our ceremony wasn't starting until 5. Therefore, we had two options. We could either choose to see each other before the ceremony and get all of our portraits out of the way then or we could wait until after the ceremony and try to get as many pictures as possible outside before it got too dark. 

We debated the pros and cons to each option, but ultimately couldn't bear the thought of not having that moment where you're seeing each other for the first time that day as I walk down the aisle to Ryan. 

Although we were rushing against the sunset, Jennifer, our photographer, managed to get every picture we could have possibly wanted in the time crunch! Jennifer was a great photographer and her website can be found here. Every picture featured on this blog post and the past wedding posts was taken by her! 

Now, excuse me, while I shamelessly add way too many wedding portraits! 

Pictures taken in the yard behind the Bridal Suite: 

Isn't our bridal party just LOVELY!! 

Pictures taken in the Bridal Garden: 

The above picture was turned into our Thank You cards! The banner was purchased from an Etsy shop and the cards were printed from Walgreens and turned out awesome! 

Pictures taken at the ceremony site: 

Favorite picture taken in the barn: 

And our final picture after we lost most of our daylight and right before we were introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Smith to our guests....

I believe there were almost 200 pictures taken during this small window! I told you Jen was awesome! Although we were a bit rushed, we still had an awesome time and would definitely choose to take our pictures after the ceremony again!

Next up: The Reception a.k.a. the PARTY!!!


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