Friday, June 21, 2013

Flashback Friday: A February Trip to Greenville, Maine

Ya'll... IT'S FRIDAY!!! AND it's the first day of Summer!! I hope everyone has some awesome plans for the weekend! Since we traveled to Maine last weekend, we're going to keep it low-key this weekend. We have plans to check out the Weymouth Farmers Market (!!!), hang out with some awesome friends, and watch the Bruins hopefully kick butt Saturday night! 

Since it's Friday, and Maine has been on my mind lately, I decided to do my first Flashback Friday post and document our awesome first trip to Greenville, Maine last February!! As evident in the pictures, the weather was drastically different for our first visit than it was last weekend!! 

So, Ryan and I drove to Maine on February 16th (Ryan's birthday!!) bright and early in the morning! After spending some time catching up with the Potvin's, we drove out to Big Moose Mountain (the same mountain we hiked up last weekend) to ski! This was my first experience skiing, and quite possibly my last! To say the least, skiing is not something that comes easy for me. I struggled a lot, fell a lot, and flew out of my skis once! Ryan, on the other hand, was a pro and had a blast skiing on his birthday (which is all that matters)! 

The only picture I got on our skiing adventure. Judging by the smile, this was taken before we actually tried skiing! 

We were all sore and tired by the end of the day Saturday, so I believe we came home, had dinner, and drove down to the Stressfree Moose for a drink or two! 

Sunday, The Potvin's, Ryan, and I snowshoed up a different, smaller, mountain. Snowshoeing came MUCH easier to me and we had a blast trekking through quite a bit of snow on the ground and falling from the sky! 

May have bundled up a BIT too much- I was HOT! 

We hiked pretty high up, but because we went during a snow storm, visibility was pretty low. In the above picture, you can barely make out some hills behind us!

Sunday evening, we got to go snowmobiling!! This activity was by far my favorite of the trip! Snowmobiling was AWESOME. We went up and down a mountain and even went out on a very frozen Moosehead Lake for a bit!

I believe Maine received some sort of blizzard Sunday night so we stayed in. We left Monday morning with a ton of new experiences under our belt and many, many memories we will never forget! 

I hope ya'll have a great weekend!!


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