Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Getting Ready

Happy Wednesday!! 

For this installment of Wedding Wednesday, it's time to start talking about our actual wedding day!! 

Saturday, December 15th, most of my bridesmaids and myself woke up in a hotel room down the road from my parents house. We decided to all stay together Friday night just to prolong the celebration! We had to be at my parent's house around 7 a.m. to begin getting ready. We had to start so early since there were 7 people getting their hair and make-up done and only one make-up artist and one hair stylist. 

I don't have too many pictures from this portion of the morning because our photographer was not present at this time but some of my amazing friends did think to capture some pictures! While everyone was getting their hair and make-up done, we munched on Chick-Fil-A platters and mimosas (or straight champagne) and I tried really hard to just stay calm and take everything in! 
All my beautiful bridesmaids all done up celebrating the big day! 

Before I knew it, everyone was done getting beautified and the limo was waiting for us in the driveway. I think it was about this moment that the jitters kicked in for me. Thank god I had my wonderful friends and mother in the car with me to try and keep me sane. I remember my mind racing, thinking about walking down the aisle (hopefully not tripping), seeing Ryan in his tux at the end of the aisle, saying "I Do", and celebrating with all our closest friends and family. 

In the Limo! 
Once we got to the venue, everything seemed to happen in fast-forward. Before I knew it, everyone was dressed, I had my gown, veil, and garter on, and Jennifer (our photographer) was ready to take pictures! 

We headed outside to the ceremony site for some pictures and I just love the way they turned out! All of my bridal party and Ryan's groomsmen looked AMAZING and it really came through in the pictures!

We also got some pretty awesome pictures taken with our families. We tried to get most picture variations taken before the ceremony, minus the pictures of Ryan and myself together, because we knew the sun would be setting shortly after the ceremony and we were going to be in a time crunch.

Before I knew it, Jennifer said she had all the pictures and we could go relax for a bit before the ceremony! The girls went back to the bridal suite where we had wine and some snacks to hold us over until the reception, although I was too nervous to eat or drink anything. If you know me at all, you know I didn't drink anything all day in fear of having to go to the bathroom during the ceremony (ah, the horror!)

Shortly after, the girls all left the room to line up for their grand entrance and I was alone in the bridal suite, waiting for my dad to come get me to walk me to my groom!

See you next Wednesday for the ceremony post!



  1. Just a few things to add:
    1) how much fun it was to have the makeup and hair stylists come to the house to make all of you beautiful!
    2) how relieved and happy you were to see the flowers for the first time and how perfect everything was!
    3) What a beautiful warm day it was for the middle of December!

    Love Wedding Wednesday!

  2. All VERY good points!! Thanks for adding them!