Monday, June 8, 2015

101 in 1001: #98-99

In an attempt to update my 101 in 1001 page, I realized that I never wrote about mine and Ryan's trips into Boston to cash in our 2nd anniversary gift from my parents, tickets to the New England Aquarium and a Duck Boat tour! 

Our original plan was to do both things on the same day, but we chose to go on the Friday during Spring Break as a reward for finishing my PPA binder for my Master's degree. We didn't have much problem getting into the city, but parking was a pain and the line to get INTO the aquarium was IN-sane. I guess going during spring break wasn't the best idea... We ran out of time to do both activities in the same day, so we came back the next week before we moved to go on the duck boat tour! I'm glad we got to do both of these things before we moved away from New England, but I would only recommend the duck boat tour to people visiting the city. Ryan and I liked the aquarium okay, but taking a ride on the duck boats was awesome! We loved listening to the witty remarks from our tour guide while riding around the city before plopping down into the Charles for a mini boat ride. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for a very clever and thoughtful anniversary gift!!

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  1. You are welcome! We are glad you both enjoyed it!