Wednesday, June 24, 2015

#Bergpot Wedding Weekend

Last weekend was a whirlwind. Two of our best friends FINALLY got married in one of the most beautiful and fun ceremonies I've ever witnessed! Let's start from the beginning, shall we? 

Ryan and I packed our bags and left for the Smith's house on Wednesday evening. One little buddy was just not happy about us leaving for the weekend and decided to try to hitch a ride. 

Ryan and I decided a few months back that we wanted to give Eliot and Lauren a wedding gift that was more unique to our friendship, a hand-build customized corn hole set. When we set out to make the boards (right after we moved back to GA), we had NO idea how much effort it was going to take. Thank God for the help from Brad and Brandon to get these guys done in time! Flash forward three weeks (to the day before we left for the wedding) and the last coat of protectant on top of the paint had finally dried! Before manufacturing boxes to put these monsters in to bring through the airport the next morning, of course we had to give them a try!

The boards are MLB themed, with one board housing the Braves logo and the other the Red Sox logo. We played a couple rounds of corn hole before boxing them up, loading them into the car with the rest of our luggage, and heading to the airport the next morning. Unfortunately, we hit a snag at the airport the next morning and almost had to leave the boards behind. Without going into too much detail, we bit the bullet, sent our "oversized luggage" through, and made it to our gate with about 3 minutes left before boarding.

On the plane... a baby belly, neck pillow, and good book. 
 The rest of our trip up to Portland went by smoothly. We arrived, collected our checked luggage, loaded it into the rental van, and drove into Portland for some fresh seafood!

We ate lunch at a place called The Porthole (I think), where clam chowder, lobster rolls, and crab cake sandwiches were eaten. If you read my last pregnancy update, I bet you can guess which meal I ate! After lunch, we made our way back to the car and drove to Hampden to spend the night with the Potvins and the rest of the wedding party. We hung out at the house and the Sea Dog for the rest of the night, officially kicking off the wedding weekend!

The whole group at Sea Dog. 
 The next morning, everyone made their way to the venue in Lincolnville, Maine. The wedding was held at the Inn at Ocean's Edge, which is where we stayed for the rest of the weekend. Susan and I drove to the venue, while Brad and Ryan opted to take the boat ride there with the rest of the men.

The first thing we noticed after checking in to the Inn were our corn hole boards out on the lawn getting some of their first use by some wedding guests! So glad they made the trek to Maine in one piece!

We checked in to our room, got unpacked, and got ready for the welcome reception and rehearsal dinner. The reception was held at the Cellardoor Winery down the street, which was beautiful, and the dinner took place back at the Inn.

Adorable Maine-themed welcome bags! 

View from our balcony.  
At the Welcome Reception

Men's Tennis Reunion! (minus Miguel) 
On the morning of the wedding, Ryan and I went for a little walk and made our way down to the "beach" on the property. Wasn't this venue just GORGEOUS!! 

We helped set up for the ceremony and reception a little bit before getting ourselves ready for the main event! The ceremony started around 4 p.m. and was absolutely perfect. Everyone looked stunning, especially bride Lauren!

After the ceremony, the guests hung out in the pool area for the cocktail hour while the wedding party took pictures.

The rest of the night we spent eating, dancing, and celebrating the new Mr. and Mrs. Potvin! Although, they will always be bergpot to me! 

I know I've already said it...but seriously...what a beautiful and perfect wedding for Lauren and Eliot. Thank you for letting us be a part of it!

The next day we said goodbye to the newlyweds, checked out at the Inn, and drove back to Portland, stopping in Wiscasset (not sure if I spelled that correctly) and Freeport along the way. We ate lunch at Sarah's Cafe....because how could we not? And the food there was DELICIOUS!! Anyone want to venture a guess as to what I had for lunch? (I'll give you a's initials are CC.)

In Freeport, we stopped in at the overwhelming LL Bean store for a little bit to kill some time before heading the airport in Portland.

Shortly after we got to the airport, we received a notification that our flight had been delayed two hours. Delta made up for the delay as best they could by bringing out drinks, snacks, and ordering a whole mess of pizzas for everyone. Kevin had cards on him so we passed the time by playing President.

 While we had an absolute blast with friends and family celebrating Bergpot, I am definitely relieved that that is the last time I will be flying during this pregnancy. My ankles can't handle any more air travel!

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