Tuesday, June 30, 2015

July Goals

Holy Crap, Ya'll... It's July. I can't even with how fast this summer is going by! 

So, while I feel like I was pretty productive for a third trimester preggo this past month, I hate to admit that I did NOT complete all of my June goals. I did however travel to Maine for a wedding, find a house to rent, buy a whole bunch of baby necessities, ...and get knocked off my feet for a week by a nasty stomach bug. Instead of beating myself up, I'm just going to review and move on. New month, new opportunity to set and reach goals! 

But first... let's recap: 


1. Read two new books
SO I had two books to read... I just didn't. I'm over halfway through with the first book I started though, which is Where We Belong by Emily Giffin. The book is good and I definitely plan on finishing it...maybe by the pool this weekend?! 

2. Exercise for at least thirty minutes every day
Other than the week I could barely move due to illness...I'm pretty sure I completed some form of exercise for at least 30 minutes every day, even if it was just walking around the neighborhood...which is getting way harder, let me tell you. Check! 

3. Find a new church to attend 
We did not find a new church to attend, but we did find a new house to move in to. And we have been recommended a church nearby that is just great and features Andy Stanley sermons, so we will definitely be checking it out in July! 

4. Research and put together my "hospital bag."
Check! Lots of research has been done. A new hospital bag has been purchased (as an early birthday gift from Susan- THANK YOU!!) and things have been put inside it. We spent some time after the shower last weekend shopping around for a "going home" outfit for itty bitty, which has been washed and packed! There are a couple little odds and ends that I'm not going to pack just yet, but this task is pretty much complete! 

Now, onto my new goals for July!! 

July Goals 

1. Settle on a moving date and officially move into the new house. 
While we know we're going to be moving into the house at SOME point this month, we have something planned for every Saturday in July. Whether it be 4th of July celebrations, a wedding, or labor classes at the hospital, we're getting pretty booked up. So we really need to sit down, decide on a moving date, figure out the logistics with the moving truck and storage unit, and get into this house so mama can start getting unpacked and organized finally! 

2. Find a new church to attend. 
This will be a monthly goal of mine until we actually do find a church. I have high hopes for a couple of churches in our new area though. 

3. Complete a Nursery DIY. 
Now that I can actually picture the room where itty bitty's nursery is going to be set up, my mind is moving a mile a minute with ideas on ways to personalize the space even though it's a temporary living arrangement. I have a couple of DIY activities I've been wanting to complete and am hoping to get them done in July! 

4. Hire a newborn photographer. 
These last few days, I've been researching newborn photographers like crazy while simultaneously trying to convince Ryan that this is TOTALLY necessary. While I'm pretty sure I've convinced him AND found a great photographer in the area already, I really want to go ahead and nail that down this month to make sure she is available at the end of August. 

5. Read a new book. 
Always. After I finish the Emily Giffin book, my plan is to read another Liane Moriarty book since she is the bomb and I love everything I've read by her. We shall see where the month takes us though. 

Happy July and Happy Independence Day, ya'll! 

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